Note that most crews have made it into the City of Richmond and working on Wednesday collection zone.  Crews are currently collecting but remain to be safe on the road so collection times will be affected and may be later than usual.

Monday Zone:  All cleared

Tuesday Zone:  All cleared

Wednesday Zone:  All Cleared

Thursday Zone:

Single Family Garbage is complete

Curbside GREEN Cart in process, running approx behind approx. 1 hr, will complete by end of day

Curbside Recycling is running in progress but behind approx 2hrs. will complete by end of day

Cart Collection Recycling is running in progress experiencing minor delays will complete by end of day

Cart Collection for GREEN CART  and Garbage cart for Multi Family/ICI sector is running in progress approx behind 2 hrs will complete by end of day

Large Item pick up program in progress but delayed

For curbside collection and centralized cart collection please ensure that the set out area is free of snow piles as well provide a clear pathway to the road/street no later than 7:30am on collection day so that on arrival, crews can service the GREEN CART, GARBAGE CART, RECYCLING CART and Recycling Receptacles without any access issues.

As for Multi Family centralized collection for Recycle/Organics/Garbage these complexes may be affected as the roadways/pathways may not be plowed in and around the areas were the wheeled carts are set out which will make access and mobility of carts to the collection vehicle difficult.

Thank you for your patience.

Sierra Waste Customer Service Team