Note that all crews have made it into the Township of Langley and will be focusing on the Thursday collection zone today.  Crews are currently collecting but remain to be safe on the road so collection times will be affected and may be later than usual.

The following are reported misses or access issues due to snow/road conditions at this point.

Click on link above

In terms of collection we will assess conditions and will provide an update on this blog and in the city social media outlets for further scheduling.

In regards to current collection and those that are missed, please leave your wheeled cart(s) or recycling receptacle(s) until the end of the day unless we have already collected these materials at your residence.

As for Multi Family collection for Recycle (Curbside and Central collection) these complexes may be affected as the roadways/pathways may not be plowed in and around the areas were the  recycling bins/bag/ wheeled carts are set out which will make access and mobility of carts to the collection vehicle difficult.  We are currently going though the routes, in particular known complexes, where there have been issues in the past to assess access and safe collection conditions.  We will update with a list of non access issues shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

Sierra Waste Customer Service Team