Current collection times may take a bit longer, particularly on the side streets where there is lots of icy road conditions.  Crews are assessing each area to determine if the roads are safe to pass.


The following roads have been pushed for collection later today:

The biggest area affected so far is 68 Ave to 70 Ave from 196 St to  200 St. So far that is preventing recycling and green cart collection in that area.

Labointe St– dead end on west side off Glover affects only recycling.

48A Ave – 4 calls in the 21700 block ( steep dead end ) only recycling affected so far.

201 St ( lane )  from 69 Ave to 70 Ave Green cart


Recycling Complexes:

4847 219 St Waterford Ridge partially complete but not on steep sections.

4967 220 St Winchester Estates very ice got everything but steep sections.

21867 50 Ave Wichester very ice – no safe access

22020 49 Ave Murray Green – we pull out the toters and the ramp was too slippery to walk on.

22015 48 Ave Autumn Green – another where we pull out toters and the ramp is a sheet of ice.


As well, please note that due to the drop in temperature last night and over the weekend, materials contained in the Green Carts may be frozen and won’t dislodge inside the cart. Crews will try their best to collect all materials. Any materials that are frozen will be collected on next collection day when these become thawed out.